Monday, January 19, 2015

Where my faith comes from

"I'm trying hard not to think you unkind
Rick and me at our cousin's wedding - August 1995

But Heavenly Father
If you know my heart
Surely you can read my mind
Good people underneath the sea of grief
Some get up and walk away
Some will find ultimate relief"

~ "Home Free" by Wayne Watson

The first time I heard this song 19 years ago was a defining moment in my life. It was the last song played at my brother's funeral and when I heard it that day, it was in that moment that my parents' faith impacted me in a way that would change my life forever. I grew up in a Christian home but their faith really didn't make an impression on me until my brother was murdered. Here they were, burying their only son and rather than walking away from their God, they clung to Him even tighter. They wanted to make sure that not only was Rick's funeral service a celebration of his life, but also a way to minister/witness to family and friends the message of salvation, that they too could be "Home Free" and see Rick's smiling face again. It's because of my parents' example during that time and in the years that have followed that I have the faith that I have. They showed me that faith will get you through anything. It has gotten me through the last 19 years and will get me through the next 19 and beyond.

Monday, January 12, 2015

What your friends with cancer want you to know (but are afraid to say)

Original image: Flickr, Justin Sewell
You may or may not have seen the post below before. If you haven't, I encourage you to read it sometime. If it's been awhile, perhaps take a moment to read it again. The author gives a very honest and very accurate perspective of what it's like to be on the fighting side of this horrible disease. Even though I am a survivor myself and can relate, it has served as a good reminder as I've watched the people I care about fight their battles. Perhaps it'll help you sometime as well while someone you know or care about: a co-worker/friend/loved one battles cancer or some other life-threatening disease.
Link: What your friends with cancer want you to know (but are afraid to say) by Kim Keller

Friday, January 2, 2015

Keeping the Faith for 2015

To be honest, over the last several weeks, I have been dreading the new year. Starting in 2011 with my parents' house fire, each consecutive year has brought some sort of trial or tribulation and with every new year, my prayer and wish was for a better year to come, only to be let down because another test of faith would be thrown my way. When, oh when, would my family and those I care about catch a break!!?? In the last couple of days, while trials have kept coming, I have had several reminders that despite all of them and those encountered over this past year, there have been blessings as well. Whether it be a post I've seen on someone's Facebook page, a conversation I have had, or a memory made with one of my loved ones, they have been reminders to not spend too much time dwelling on the bad, but focus my energies on the good. That it's ok to be sad/mad, but don't forget to be happy, too. So while I know 2015 will bring some hardships, I keep the faith that many blessings will make those hardships a little easier to bear, just like they did in 1996, 2011 and every year that followed. 

Thank you all for your love and support and wishing you many blessings in 2015. Happy New Year!