Friday, January 20, 2017

When God Closes One Door, He Opens Another

Some of you know what has been going on the in Cimino household these last few months but many do not. They say when God closes one door, He opens another. While it’s kind of scary taking a leap of faith, as the saying from one of my favorite movies “Grumpy Old Men” goes, “the only things in this life that you really regret are the risks you didn’t take.” Here's to new beginnings!

From my husband's photography Facebook page:

Time to make this official announcement. Most of you know the history of my photographic journey, but for those of you that do not, here is a brief story.

My love for photography started the year I took Mr. Artino's photography class at West Geauga High School. I shot film for years with my Dad after taking that class and we even had a complete B&W and color darkroom in our basement. With access to a full darkroom, I shot a LOT of film over the next few years. I served my country in the United States Marine Corps in the 90's and got married in 1999, then I bought my first digital camera and took pictures any chance I could. However, because of my career in IT and the demands of working nearly 24/7, I was only able to do photography on the side; landscape pictures here, senior portraits and family pictures there. Fast forward to November 2012 when I started Paul Cimino Photography and started doing high school senior portraits. For the next four years, I used almost all of my vacation time taking photography trips and scheduling other photo shoots when I could fit them in.

In October of last year, I took a photography trip to West Virginia and did some serious soul searching around my current career, my overall happiness, and what I really wanted out of life. While in Dolly Sods watching the sun rise one morning and taking pictures with a group of people, I realized that was where I was happiest; in the field, taking pictures, helping others take pictures, and being outside capturing God's amazing creation. That feeling was reinforced when some of those people would ask me where some good places were for sunrises and sunsets (I guess I looked like the guy that knew that stuff) and then running into them later at those locations. They were so excited about the pictures they were getting and thanked me for sharing those locations with them. It was then I decided to follow my dream and become a professional photographer full time. This is what I had always wanted to do anyway. This is what makes me happy.

In November, I expanded my photography capabilities by receiving my FAA remote pilot's license so I can now offer commercial aerial photos and video as well. For me, this offers a new and unique perspective and really opens up the possibilities to capture things in a different way. Plus, how cool is it to get images and video with a drone?

I am still available for IT consulting as I grow this business, I just believe it is my calling in life to be a professional photographer and that is the path I have decided to pursue.

Thank you to all of my followers over the years, I hope you continue to enjoy and share the images I post. I really enjoy sharing my work with everyone. is my portrait, image sales, and workshop website. is the commercial website showcasing the business to business part of my company - aerial, commercial real estate, race photos, construction progress, etc.