Monday, December 5, 2016

Just keep swimming....four years later

Wow… has it really been four years? There are days like it feels like it was a lifetime ago and other days it feels like it was just yesterday. Memories forever etched in my brain. Regardless, today is my life-aversary because it's the day God decided He wasn't done with me yet and today I am four years cancer free.

Of course, it's a little hard to be completely joyous about this occasion when I think of my friends and loved ones who are no longer here because of this dreaded disease or those who are struggling at this very moment because of it. But at the same time, those people have made me a better person in one way or another because I am blessed to have known them and it is the legacy of faith, love, hope, and kindness they have shown me that is something I can carry on in their honor and memory.

Life is a precious gift and I know all too well that at any moment, everything can be turned upside-down so never take it for granted. Live, love, have faith, and never give up hope. Today I thank God for another chance at life and thank you, my floaties, who continue to help me to just keep swimming.