Tuesday, November 8, 2016

DCIS Day 11.8.16

Later today after the polls have closed and the ballots are counted, we will learn the news that will change our lives forever…who will be next president of the United States. Downright scary, that's for sure. Ironically, it was four years ago today I heard the news that would change MY life forever, the words no one ever wants to hear: "you have cancer."

I think it's kind of fitting these dates have fallen together this year because even though every election makes me a bit nervous and scared about what the outcome will mean for me and my family, this year that concern is probably at an all-time high. However, there is nothing more scary than learning you have a life-threatening disease and wondering what THAT will mean for you and your family. This has put things into perspective for me today. I guess you can stay it "trumps" any election results hands down (sorry for the bad pun but Rick, my pun-master son, would be so proud LOL). It reminds me that no matter what happens at the polls, somehow, someway, we will all just keep swimming.