Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It all started with a beer...celebrating 17 years of wedded bliss

"So tonight let's raise 'em up to where we ended up 

There's been highs, there's lows, fast lane freeways and bumpy roads, cursed the devil and prayed to heaven, lost it all when we rolled some sevens. Been more smiles than there's been tears, been more good than bad years. Ain't it crazy baby how we got here, Oh, it all started with a beer. Oh, it all started with an ice cold beer."

"It All Started with a Beer" ~ Frankie Ballard

I know my husband, Paul, hates honky tonk but the first time I heard this song I chuckled and then l got a little choked up thinking about us. It was in that moment when I knew this would be the song I would quote on our 17th anniversary. Love it or hate it, Paul, this song is so us.

Our first "date" was at the Chesterland Tavern. Our mutual friend, Anne, knew we both had an interest in each other so when she and Paul were both home on leave from the Marine Corps one December evening (the 21st…in 1996 to be exact), she arranged for the three of us to meet for a beer…or two… It was that night Paul and I started talking and when we walked out the door at the end of that evening, I knew he was it. My life was changed forever. Well, here we are today, celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. Yep, it all started with a beer (and truth be told, a shot or two of Jager LOL).

There has been a lot highs and lows in the years we have been together and I am sure there have been times I have been a lot more than he bargained for but regardless what crazy has been thrown our way, here we are today. Love you always, honey.

Ain't it crazy baby how we got here, it all started with a beer❤️
May 29, 1999 ~ The day I married my Marine