Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Light

"Don't let hope become a memory
When you think all is forsaken 
Listen to me now 
You need never feel broken again 
Sometimes darkness can show you the light"

When I first heard the song "The Light" by Disturbed several weeks ago, it instantly became one of those songs that spoke to me. The song may mean certain things to certain people but for me, it reminds me that through every dark situation when I have felt hopeless and broken in the 45 years I have been on this Earth, from my brother's murder to my father's home going and everything in between, I have been "shown" the "light" in one way or another.

The light has been many things including the realization of just how important the faith and beliefs my parents raised me with have been, especially in times of darkness, and to cling to them no matter what; it has been the greater appreciation for the things that are important in my life and being thankful for them every day; it is a reminder that life is a precious gift and to thank God for each day He gives me; it is learning to look for the blessings in everything and in every situation, even when the blessings aren't so easy to spot; it has been renewed relationships and new friendships I've made because of those times of darkness and being grateful for them and for the friendships that have stood the test of time; it has been a reminder that all hope is not lost and sometimes all you can do is just keep swimming.

It was three years ago today when I heard the words "you have cancer," words I never in a million years would think I'd ever hear and as I reflect on all that has happened in those three years, through every trial and tribulation I have faced, the darkness has always shown me the light.