Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Less than $500 to my goal!!!

Running in memory of my dad, Papa D

When you make a donation to The Gathering Place, below is just a small list of what your money helps provide:

$25 covers the cost of art therapy supplies for one adult or child
$50 covers the cost of one new wig for a woman with cancer
$100 covers the cost of one session of nutrition counseling
$250 covers the cost of one group exercise class
$500 covers the cost of a four week support group
$1,000 covers the cost of 3 months' supplies for our children's program

Unlike some other organizations that require you to raise a certain amount of money to participate in their event, The Gathering Place does not. The goal I have set is strictly a goal I would personally like to reach and The Gathering Place is grateful for any amount it receives. And unlike a certain breast cancer organization "giant" that has forgotten what charity is all about by using the money YOU donate to it by sicking its team of lawyers on any charity event/organization that chooses to use "For a/the Cure" in it's name, the money you donate to The Gathering Place goes directly to help support individuals and their family as they navigate their cancer journey.

Thank you to everyone who had helped my fundraising efforts so far for this years Race for the Place 5K. I would also like to thank whomever the anonymous donor with your generous donation as well. Because of your support, I am now less than $500 from reaching my goal of $1,230, a number I chose to honor the home going of Papa D at 1:23 pm.

The race is Sunday but there is still time to join my team or make a donation. Visit my personal race page for more information: Just Keep Swimming...and Running