Sunday, April 26, 2015

A spirit renewed

An award that might
be consider "heaven sent" =)
So much for thinking I would never be able to run again.  Two weeks ago, I was so excited I did so well running the 10 Mile Drop, only to be saddened later that day seeing Papa D's journey quickly coming to an end. I haven't been able to run since.

I signed up for the Run for Riley 5K event held in Mentor today at the last minute and my heart really wasn't in it. But life does have to go on and I'm glad I did it. Not only was I just shy of my PR by a mere 4 seconds, I was completely blown away when they announced the 3rd place winner in my age group and it was me  (especially since the results said I was 4th, which in itself was a surprise). What a coincidence, my prize is a gift card to not only one of my favorite restaurants, Harry Buffalo, but also the place we went to eat after learning there was nothing else that could be done for my dad and the doctor suggested hospice care.

My spirit has been renewed and I think I have a very special angel to thank for that. My heart is smiling. Thank you, Papa D. I love you! ❤️