Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Papa D, this one's for you...

I have already written about my interest in running and the motivation behind what I do, how I like to wear things that keep me motivated as I run, and that I am running the Northern Ohio Marathon on October 12 (actually, just the half marathon, I'm not THAT crazy…LOL) in honor of my dad, affectionately known to everyone as Papa D, the name my oldest son gave him when he was little, who is currently waging the war against lung cancer.  I've shared the story of my runner's necklace and the meanings behind it. Even though I knew I was having the necklace made, I was trying to think of way to acknowledge my dad in a special way. When I ran the Race for the Place, I had a custom shirt made with "Just Keep Swimming" on the front and on the back, created a design that acknowledged my "sisters in pink" and especially my dear friend, Kris. I thought about making another shirt but wanted something different. I thought about making a small sign that I could perhaps pin to my shorts or perhaps getting some body paint and write something on my arm or leg. Nope, didn't like those ideas either.

And then I thought, "what about a headband?" I have never been a headband person, that is, until I started running. At first, I wanted them so I could keep my hair out of my face, and then discovered how wonderful they were at keeping the sweat out of my eyes. After trying a couple of different brands and not really being pleased with the products, I found this awesome place online called Hippie Runner and decided to give them a try. Their headbands were a fraction of what I had paid for the other headbands so I was skeptical if they were any good. Would they really stay put like they claim?  Well, if it's any indication of whether or not they are, let me say I have nearly 20 headbands from them so far. They really are perfect. And with a "buy 4 get the 5th free" promotion they always offer, what's not to love?! Now, not only do I wear them for exercise, but I wear them when I go to the beach, camping, or any time I don't want to have to mess with my hair. Yep, add headbands to my list of addictions.

Anyway, remembering that Hippie Runner made custom headbands, I decided to contact them to get the information on what was involved in having one made. If I could create my own design and have them make it for me, that would be perfect!  Since I was already a big fan of their products, I knew I'd be pleased with the results. And pleased I was! Their customer service was awesome, the process was simple, I emailed my design, and in less than 24 hours, they had my custom headbands printed and shipped on their way to me.  Of course, I couldn't decide what color to get so I ordered 2. =) I was ecstatic when they arrived just a few short days later. They were PERFECT!

So now I had my runner's necklace and my headbands, but me, being the sentimental fool that I am, I had to take it one step further…I decided to have my dad “sign” my headbands. Geeky perhaps, but that’s how I roll.  Now these headbands have even more of a special meaning to me and I cannot wait to wear one of them on race day. Now I just have to decide which one....

Check out all their cool headbands on Hippie Runner's website.