Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thank you, Customized Girl, for making these dirty girls very, very happy!

Team "Get Dirty and Just Keep Swimming"
When I heard that the Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run was coming to Cleveland on August 9, I decided I wanted to form a team. Since my matra throughout my breast cancer journey has been “just keep swimming,” it was only fitting that my team name for the mud run should be “Get Dirty and Just Keep Swimming." I was so excited when a friend and her friend and two of my coworkers signed up to be on my team! Oh the fun we were going to have!!!  I already had a storefront named Just Keep Swimming on the custom t-shirt design website Customized Girl, so it was a no brainer that I would have them print the shirts I designed. I won't go into all the details since the controversy with the Dirty Girl Mud Run was all over the news but right before we were set to order our shirts, we learned the Cleveland event was canceled. Bummer...big time!  In the days that followed, the new organization that took over the event were trying to decide if they could still make the Cleveland run happen.

Some very happy dirty girls!
So my dilemma was whether to order the shirts for my team not knowing if the event was going to happen. Even though we really wanted the shirts for the event, we were running out of time to order them and had no idea when the decision about the event would be made. With a little over a week to go, it was finally announced that Dirty Girl Cleveland was back on so now we had to figure out how to get our shirts on time. Customized Girl saved the day! When I explained the situation to their customer service department, they kindly offered to work with us on the expedited shipping charges. We never would have received our shirts on time if it wasn't for Customized Girl. Thank you, Customized Girl, from the bottom of these Dirty Girls' hearts, for saving the day and helping us complete our costumes with your awesome shirts!